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Walter Resource Partners has been providing an efficient and effective recruitment experience to the rail/train industry across the nation since its inception. 

We have over hundred years of combined experience in railroad operations, which provides candidates and our customers the best possibilities in the marketplace. With our experience, WRP has worked alongside some of the most reputable companies in the rail industry.

Whether you are a local company to one of our offices in the U.S., growing your team, or an international organization developing your business unit, we can help from any railway capacity. 

We also actively work with private equity firms, with a major footprint in the rail space to strategically help with new growth platforms, mergers, and acquisition recruitment. 

The nations rail marketplace consists of over 150,000 miles of railway with 20+ railroads operating regionally and over 500 operating. The industry is worth more than $60 billion dollars which supports hundreds of thousands of jobs and transports more than 40% of all freight in the United States. The Federal Railway Administration projects a growing demand for railway shipping as the nation’s population continues to move more and more closer to our local neighborhoods. 

Technology is transforming traditional rail beyond recognition. Across the globe, the industry is moving toward new high speed rail solutions. The rail industry in the 21st Century is moving away from people driving trains and more towards driverless engines with onboard digital technology driven platforms. 

As this demand increases, so too will the need for the railway recruitment services in this country. Since WRP’s inception it has maintained strong relationships with the railway industry and marketplace.

WRP focuses on sourcing and providing world-class talent and comprehensive services that offer an efficient workforce for our customers organizations. 

Rail Industry Requisitions:

All Terminal Labor


Facility Management 

Health, Safety, and Environmental 

Land Management 




Project Management 

Quality roles

Rail Construction

National Coverage.

WR Partners has an established national presence, with a local approach to everything that we do. With offices across the nation, our regional offices are supported with consultants ready to take a crack at your next challenge. This connected infrastructure provides you with unique insights into every market.

Rail Industry Recruitment.

Wherever your terminal or rail operation is stationed, Walter Resource Partners will create new and exciting talent for your management staff to interview, meet, and employee. Our job is to figure out exactly what you are looking for and our consultants on staff approach the marketplace to provide the most skilled professional candidates for your operation. 

Ultimately, we want the exact same that our customers are seeking, career minded individuals in a full-time W2 capacity. All our recruitment services are direct hire and/or engaged searches. 

No matter if your company is small or large, count on Walter Resource Partners for your rail/train services. We provide industry professionals across the nation at all skill levels. 

Connect with a WRP Executive today and experience the difference.

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