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Oil & Gas

WR Partners is a subsidiary and partnership of an old Exploration & Production business dating back to the early 1900s out of Tyler, Texas. We have provided our customers with oilfield professionals for years. With a knowledgeable expertise dating back over multiple centuries as well as adjusting to today’s market we have the capabilities to supply our customers in every basin in North America. No matter if oil prices are 30/bbl or 120/bbl, we sustain our customers on quality, supply and attrition.

Our presence in the industry is unmatched to any other agency in the nation. We have established and maintained a leading presence in the nation’s reservoir. WRP’s geographical map covers every shale play by defining our teams in niche verticals to better serve our customers.

WR Partners supplies professionals for oil and gas careers throughout every state in the nation wherever there is a drop of oil or natural gas. We work within niche verticals throughout every sector of the industry within upstream, midstream and downstream. With our recruitment capabilities from the industry, networks and knowledge, we provide qualified professionals across every function within the energy sector.

Operational Expertise:

Oil Exploration and Production

Field Services and Development


Natural Gas Processing

Oil Refineries, Transportation, Logistics

Power, Coal, Gas and Oil

Department of Transportation

Health, Safety, Environmental


WR Partners’ (Oilfield Services, Midstream, E&P) recruitment spans the entire life cycle, from feasibility/design, to well-site construction, commissioning, start-up, operations, maintenance and de-commissioning.

We offer a variety of management abilities for candidate services, tools, database(s), multi-avenue search and selection, as well as a recorded line services for all customers and candidates. Our recruitment consultants are supported by a heavy administration office within every one of our locations nationwide and are committed and dedicated to make sure everyone involved has a professional experience.

Our recruiting process covers the entire opportunity from start to finish: administration, candidate search, network, referrals, defining selection, screening the candidate, confirming interview, attending interview, offer, drug test, start date assistance, placement, mobilization, paperwork and administration.

WR Partners was started based off our partnerships. Our job is to commit to you no matter who you are and to provide you with the best possible outcome. We are continually improving every day, by training our employees to provide candidates with the best overall experience. We provide professional customer review processes to identify several measures of client and candidate satisfaction. We meet with every single customer and go out on locations to see the job first hand which helps us gather valuable information about every business to figure out the customer’s specific needs. We compile the answers for our candidates and provide him/her with service quality and delivery, to provide trust and confidence in our relationships.

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