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Helping People Through Workforce Solutions

Walter Autly Yancy was born March 30, 1922 in Arp, Texas to Sallie Ward Yancy and Charles Maris Yancy. The family lived on a farm near Tyler, Texas. By living on a farm, Bill learned to ride bareback, to wring a chicken’s neck, to milk a cow and to plant crops. He learned how to keep food underground to keep it cool. Times were not easy for the family, but they did grow their own food and owned their own land. Bill always enjoyed giving more than receiving and with that he would always try to put people first before himself.

Oil was discovered on the family’s land. This was a huge windfall leading to royalties and local jobs. Anyone ever needed work they would meet with Bill.

Bill’s father’s appendix burst, causing his death at that time. His mother couldn’t cope with the oil wells and farm work alone and with three young children, she moved her family into the city of Tyler, Texas. The stock market crashed in 1929, sending the country into the Great Depression. Times were hard on this mother of three—going to work and coming home to sew, wash and iron her children’s clothes and make meals for them.

Bill had many different jobs as he was growing up but he always knew he wanted to help people and give back to his community. While spending his time with the oil wells or helping on the farm, no matter how hard he worked, he would always give someone a helping hand.

Bill graduated from Tyler High School and studied Engineering at Tyler College. You could imagine at that time what his mother sacrificed for him to go to college.

Joining The Navy Air Corps:

After Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 most of the young men wanted to enter the service. Bill did not want to fight on the ground. He wanted to fly! He chose the most ambitious course. He was up to the challenge and he chose the most prestigious of all—The Navy Air Corps.

*The President of the United States took the pleasure in presenting the Gold Star in lieu of the Fourth Air Medal to – Lieutenant, Junior Grade, Walter Autly Yancy, United States Naval Reserve. “For meritorious achievement in serial flight as Pilot of a Fighter Plane in Fighting Squadron Forty Nine, attached to the U.S.S. S.J., in action against enemy forces in the Kure Naval Base, on July 24, 1945. While flying as top cover for a strike group, Lieutenant, Junior Grade, (then Ensign) Yancy destroyed one plane along with another eight attacking enemy’ planes. His outstanding skill and courageous devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service”.*

Bill married Doris Marian Phelps and had four children; Linda, Charles, Elizabeth and Bruce. After serving for the United States he continued what he was sought after, to help the American People.

By Putting The People First,

Walter Autly Yancy

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